Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Next Big Thing - Learning English from Commercials

Learning English from commercials or advertisements can be a fun way to learn new phrases and idioms. But if commercials include dialog (conversation), the speakers usually speak very quickly, so it is best to watch the video several times to be able to catch everything that they say. 

In this video, actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are both called in by Samsung to appear in their commercial as the "next big thing." As they discover they were both called in for the same purpose, they throw insults at each other as a way of competing and showing one is better than the other. 

Here are the insults in the commercial. Don't miss them. 

Seth: Maybe in like 1998, you were the 'next big thing.' 
(meaning: You're too old.) 

Paul: Wow, I've never seen you this excited about something that isn't food. 
(meaning: You're too fat.) 

Paul: You make people physically uncomfortable. 
(meaning: You make people sick when they look at you.) 

Paul: Are you sure you're not here to see a guy named Sam Sung? That would make more sense. 
(meaning: You're just confused.) 

Paul: Let's find a favorable review to one of your movies. No results found. 
(meaning: No one likes your movies.) 

Seth: You know what's great about this? Is when you take a picture, you can draw on it, and I can actually re-touch it, and I can make you look like you're still in your forties. 
(meaning: You're just too old. -- This is sarcastic humor. Paul actually is in his forties.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

When We Stand Together - Learning English Through Songs

A powerful song by Nickelback to liven your spirits!  The lyrics are below in sentence format.  Enjoy!

One more depending on a prayer, and we all look away.
People pretending everywhere it's just another day.

There's bullets flying through the air, and they still carry on.
We watch it happen over there, and then just turn it off.

We must stand together.
There's no giving in,
Hand in hand forever.
That's when we all win.
That's when we all win.
That's when we all win.

They tell us everything's all right, and we just go along.
How can we fall asleep at night when something's clearly wrong.

When we could feed a starving world with what we throw away,
But all we serve are empty words that always taste the same.

Repeat Chorus

The right thing to guide us is right here inside us.
No one can divide us when the Light is leading on.
But just like a heartbeat the drumbeat carries on.

And the drumbeat carries on.

Repeat Chorus